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You Asked, We Answered

Why are the trays not turning once I put the food on them?

The trays are not able to turn because there is too much weight on them. Try taking off some of the food in order for the trays to spin. This will also help the food dry faster, too much food on the trays will result in a longer drying process. Be sure to slice or cut the food at the same thickness. The thinner the better. Make sure food is spaced one inch from each other.

How should meat be dried in the Nature's Turnprep?

The Nature's TurnPrep™ only goes to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. The USDA recommends that most meats be cooked to 160-165 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to reach this temperature, we recommend flash heating the meat in the over, before drying.

How do I make the trays change direction?

In order to make the trays rotate the opposite direction, you will want to press down in the middle of the lid with your palm. You will want to change the trays half way through the foods drying time, this will prevent you from having to flip your food.

How many trays can I put in the Nature's Turnprep?

We recommend only putting 5 trays on the Nature's TurnPrep™. Never add more than 7 trays. Adding more than 7 trays will add extra weight and could cause the trays to no longer rotate or even burn out the motor. Only use 5 trays when drying something light like herbs.

How do I use the fruit roll liners, does it increase the drying time

The fruit roll liners are meant to sit directly on top of your Nature's Turnprep trays. They allow you to make fruit roll ups, or work with items that are liquid-y and would normally fall through the cracks. Simply blend your fruit roll ups and pour into the trays. Because you lose the air flow coming upward, you will need to increase the dry time somewhat.

Here's a great video showing how to make strawberry and apple. Please note it's a different machine she is using, but this would work with any dehydrator.


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