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Wine Cheers

Sonoma Set

The best in wine accessories. 
Our wine openers will make opening a bottle of wine a breeze! With a few easy pumps from our air pressure wine opener, the cork will POP right out. 
Our chill rods will keep your wine chilled for hours without having to be refrigerated. Just keep it in the freeze for those late night Wine Wednesdays.

First you'll need this!

And don't forget a Chill Rod...


The Sonoma Set Wine Opener

This kit is a wine lovers dream! It comes with everything needed for a wine night at home. The kit includes a foil cutter, aerator,  bottle stopper, and The Sonoma Set Wine Opener.

Chill Rod.jpg

The Sonoma Set Chill Rod

The chill rod is perfect for those white wines!  It keeps wine chilled at the perfect drinking temperature for about 2-3 hours.  Simply keep the rod in the freezer until it's ready to be used. 


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