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Whether you're trying to prevent wet debris such as mud, snow, and slush or dry dirt, grass, rock salt, pine needles and more, the Garden Doormat stops it all at the door.

Keep your home spotless...

Our new Doormat has a more residential feel,

and a softer (almost bathmat-like) backing. The top fibers are a microfiber and cotton blend that grabs and hold dirt, debris, doghair, etc...

We recommend you do not machine wash this mat.

Available in two sizes and three colors (Brown, Grey and Black)

The Garden Doormat (Residental)

The Garden Doormat (Residental)


And here's the same mat with some pretty designs...

Two sizes and three colors (Red, Green, Brown)

The Garden Doormat: Design Mat (Residential)

The Garden Doormat: Design Mat (Residential)


Pets? No Problem.

Our special blend of cotton and microfiber works on your shoes, your children's shoes, as well as your pets paws. Simply allow all 4 paws to cross the mat and welcome clean floors without the hassle.